Kudu Featured on Akatasia

Questions With Thandi Mbali Renaldi, Founder of Online Boutique KuDu Excerpts taken from Akatasia Blog Post: KuDu is an online boutique that specialises in ‘beautiful homeware, decor, accessories and lifestyle goods from the African continent’. In a recent interview with founder Thandi Mbali Renaldi, we learn about the inspiration for KuDu and the company’s stance on ethically sourced products.   … Continued Read More

Kudu featured on Atelier Fifty Five

Design: Interiors Boutique KuDu Home Redefining the Way We View African Design Excerpts taken from Atelier Fifty Five’s Blog Post: ‘Africa is Beautiful. Africa is Home.’ Two concise, yet perfectly self explanatory statements that define the ethos of KuDu Home, a stylish online interiors boutique that presents covetable curated collections of rare artifacts, luxurious contemporary … Continued Read More

Do African Things Look The Same?

Many years ago I was introduced via friends to a contemporary dancer. I think his name was S’bu. Anyway, he was about to go on a tour of Europe with the dance troupe he belonged to. I expressed enthusiasm at this prospect and he only shook his head wearily. ‘’I have a Master’s degree in … Continued Read More