Basketry is back

Browsing on Pinterest the other day I was stuck by how much woven basketry has made a comeback. With a renewed interest in traditional skills and hand-crafted products African basket and grass weaving is part of this trend. At KUDU we stock many items that have been made using a variety of grass weaving techniques; … Continued Read More


Photo Credit: West Africa: Word, Symbol, Song.   I have made no secret of the fact that much of my initial inspiration for KuDu was born out of a love for the creative traditions of Southern Africa. I am also really interested in learning about cultural and creative practise and traditions in other regions of … Continued Read More

Collection Of The Month: Gone Rural

It feels incredibly lucky to have come across the work of the team at Gone Rural, as the work produced by this brand is so beautiful that each piece feels like a collector’s item. Founded in Swaziland in the 1970s as a small shop that sold, among other things, local handicrafts Gone Rural now engages … Continued Read More

7 Essential Tips To Decorating Your Home

7 Essential Tips To Decorating Your Home I cannot count how many times people have said to me ‘’Oh, interiors aren’t my thing at all’’. This cannot be true, as most people fill their homes with objects that they like and have chosen. Your home and the way you choose to furnish is an expression … Continued Read More

Kudu Featured on Akatasia

Questions With Thandi Mbali Renaldi, Founder of Online Boutique KuDu Excerpts taken from Akatasia Blog Post: KuDu is an online boutique that specialises in ‘beautiful homeware, decor, accessories and lifestyle goods from the African continent’. In a recent interview with founder Thandi Mbali Renaldi, we learn about the inspiration for KuDu and the company’s stance on ethically sourced products.   … Continued Read More

Kudu featured on Atelier Fifty Five

Design: Interiors Boutique KuDu Home Redefining the Way We View African Design Excerpts taken from Atelier Fifty Five’s Blog Post: ‘Africa is Beautiful. Africa is Home.’ Two concise, yet perfectly self explanatory statements that define the ethos of KuDu Home, a stylish online interiors boutique that presents covetable curated collections of rare artifacts, luxurious contemporary … Continued Read More

Do African Things Look The Same?

Many years ago I was introduced via friends to a contemporary dancer. I think his name was S’bu. Anyway, he was about to go on a tour of Europe with the dance troupe he belonged to. I expressed enthusiasm at this prospect and he only shook his head wearily. ‘’I have a Master’s degree in … Continued Read More

The Story of KUDU

At last, here we are with our brand new storefront, a range of products in stock and a whole host of exciting ideas! The question you might be wondering is what is KUDU how did it get here? KUDU started as a small idea three years ago in my mind when, after jettisoning most of my holiday … Continued Read More