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Questions With Thandi Mbali Renaldi, Founder of Online Boutique KuDu

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KuDu is an online boutique that specialises in ‘beautiful homeware, decor, accessories and lifestyle goods from the African continent’. In a recent interview with founder Thandi Mbali Renaldi, we learn about the inspiration for KuDu and the company’s stance on ethically sourced products.


How did the idea for Kudu come about?

The idea for KuDu came about slowly, over the course of a couple of years when I started to become more disciplined about seeking out stylish African items for furnishing my home. Discovering that it can still be hard to get hold of these internationally, I resorted to filling my suitcase with my purchases on trips home to South Africa, as I couldn’t buy the items I was looking for in Europe. Friends often asked me where I was finding all these cool things and where they could buy them. That is when I decided to go ahead and curate a store specializing in beautiful decorative and lifestyle products from the African continent.   Is there a meaning behind the name ‘KuDu’? The Khoikhoi were the original inhabitants of South Africa and ‘Kudu’ is their name for a species of African antelope, the male of which has distinctive twisted horns. Kudu are beautiful animals and they are only found on the African continent. It is also an easy name to spell and remember!

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