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Design: Interiors Boutique KuDu Home Redefining the Way We View African Design

Excerpts taken from Atelier Fifty Five’s Blog Post:

‘Africa is Beautiful. Africa is Home.’ Two concise, yet perfectly self explanatory statements that define the ethos of KuDu Home, a stylish online interiors boutique that presents covetable curated collections of rare artifacts, luxurious contemporary furnishings, homeware, and decorative and lifestyle accessories made in Africa. Taking its name from a species of African antelope, renowned for its grace, beauty and stature, KuDu Home is the latest in a new wave of interior retailers redefining the way we view design and creativity from Africa, avoiding the stereotypes, and instead seeking to introduce a refreshingly modern feel without losing the ‘essence’ of Africa.

KuDu Home was launched on the 1st June 2015 by Thandi Mbali Renaldi, who is of British/South African heritage and currently based in Belgium. The brand is the culmination of Thandi’s two passions, Africa and interior design and art. An avid collector of interiors magazines, particularly those from South Africa, enabled Thandi to learn about what was happening in the local design scene, and saw her twice yearly trips to South Africa fuel her appetite for finding out more about designers and artisans she would read about in the magazines, as well as seizing the opportunity to seek out new talent.

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