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Pouch with zip- floral



Cotton pouch with lining and zip to close. Useful for small items or make-up. Foral pattern.

Made in Ethiopia of sturdy multi-ply canvas. Using a high number of fine Ethiopian cotton threads twisted together increases the strength of the fabric without adding weight. The warm natural look of the fabric is obtained by tinting with natural pigments extracted from the African soil. The leather is made of Zebu cow skins, the ancestor of all bovines raised to work on the Ethiopian Highlands. The leather is a by-product, as it is collected only at the end of a working cow's life. It has a very dense fiber structure and is tanned with vegetable auxiliaries to preserve its ancestral beauty. The horn elements also come from Zebu cows. The horns of the Zebu are strengthened by a long life in the harsh Ethiopian environment and have a beautiful patina. Care instructions: Gentle spot clean only.
Weight 1 kg