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Namji doll-green beads



Namj doll with green beads

Each one is made individually by hand in Cameroon

Originating from the Dowayo/ Namji ethnic group in north-west Cameroon, these dolls are talking pieces for more than their striking geometric features, multi-coloured bead necklaces and cowrie shells. Given to encourage fertility, these dolls are made for young girls to play with, strapping them to their backs and carrying them around to mirror the responsibility of their mothers. The dolls are also kept by women for good luck when trying to fall pregnant or provide for an easy childbirth. Considered to be some of the finest dolls in Africa, we are excited to have sourced these beautiful contemporary versions. Disclaimer: These are not actual toys and should not be used as such.
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 29 cm